10 Signs That Signal When a Relationship is Over

Coming to the realization that a long term relationship is over is never easy, admitting failure is not human and can be hard to stomach at the best of times. When it involves years of your life spent with the person that you chose as your life partner it can be a devasting revelation.

Here at childsupportnz.com we are optimists at heart and hope that you never have to go down this path, however there can come a time where you need to and we have listed 10 signs that can signal it’s time to move on.

You are no longer attracted to your partner

This can be a very awkward and upsetting situation, often when your feelings for someone have gone, so has your attraction to them. A common sign of a relationship at the crossroads is a loss of attraction by one or both of the parties.

You enjoy time away from your partner more than time with them

Its natural to appreciate time on yourself sometimes and perfectly normal. However if for example your partner goes away for a week and you are not looking forward to them returning, then you could well have a problem!

There is no longer a close feeling between the two of you

A strong relationship involves two people sharing their feelings and communicating closely with each other. If you have started confiding in someone else and/or talking about your partner instead of with them you could well be heading for the crossroads.

No sex for a long time

Sex is a natural thing for two people in a relationship, if you are not having it then its another sign that things are heading downhill. Can be sorted of course if its just a matter of working too hard, not spending enough time together and so on. If you or they just don’t want to anymore then that’s a big problem.

You hate his/her friends

Its easy to get negative when things are not going well, however it’s going to be hard work looking ahead if you are in a realtionship where you hate your partners friends. Often people hang out with people with similar likes and traits than themselves… you can see why this can be a problem!

It’s hard to make future plans, your heart does not seem in it

Every relationship reaches points where the future is discussed. If deep down you do not see a future with your partner then it can be very difficult to handle these conversations.


People that don’t get on, depending on their personalities, often argue and fight. Not a great sign of a strong relationship however there are exceptions to this.

They have cheated

There is nothing more important than being able to trust someone, if they have cheated on you that is a massive betrayal and to be quite honest something most relationships will never fully recover from.

Putting you down

If your other half is putting you down then that’s not ok. A relationship should consist of two people that are there for eachother and they should be watching your back – not stabbing a knife into it.

When you see other couples… they look like how you want to be

The time may come where you see a happy couple in love with each other and it may have the effect of making you realize that you want something different to what you have – you want to be like them and not miserable with the partner you are currently with.

Remember not all these signs on there own signal a relationship at breaking point, but if you are noticing a number that relate to your situation it could be time to start thinking about splitting up and getting on with your life.

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