Dealing with difficult people – your ex

Just when you think life is starting to sort itself out, more often than not problems will arise with the ex. We look at some of the more common issues relating to ex wives, ex partners and ex husbands.

Having an ex wife, or husband can be a real thorn in the side, and often they seem to find pleasure in making your life miserable. Others may have a civil or even mutually respectful relationship with their ex spouse and good on them for accomplishing this very difficult feat.

The fact that you are reading this article suggests that like many of us, you have some or many issues with your ex partner.

– if your ex is the one that feels wronged, then you could be setting yourself up for a lifetime of pain and suffering if you let them get to you. In many cases bitter ex’s NEVER move on, and they will never want to see you happy. You need to stop thinking they are going to get better and just get on with and concentrate on your own life. Don’t let them affect you.

Issues over the children – it’s a sad time when children get drawn into these matters but unfortunately this is what sometimes happens. You must try to protect your children from being involved as much as humanly possible, consider getting legal advice if this gets out of hand. Children can be very fragile at the best of times, and pulled into a war between the two people they love can cause long lasting emotional damage. Make sure you don’t discuss “Adult Issues” in front of them, and if your ex attempts to do this, make it very clear you are not going to participate.

Money concerns – Financial arguments are common after separation, it’s very important to attempt to get clear agreement over who pays for what. Obviously with children comes increased stress and emotional pressure but by making clear guidelines and gaining agreement as early as you can in a separation things don’t have to be too bad.

Jealousy – There is nothing like emotional pain and suffering to bring out the worst traits in people and jealousy is often part of the territory when it comes to separation. There is little one can do to fix an ex partners jealousy and time will improve things. Often if the jealous partner finds someone else in their life this can go away overnight!

Be patient, try to stay calm and even occasionally look at things from your ex’s perspective to get a wider view on things. Breaking up was never going to be easy however with patience and perseverance it is possible to achieve a happy outcome for you, your kids and even possibly your ex!

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