How Do Young Children Cope with Divorce?

Children are the unwilling and innocent victims of any relationship split and depending on their age and the circumstances of the separation may react in a number of ways.

Here are a number of methods you can use to help your children through this major change in their lives.

Reassurance and security
Every child wants to feel safe and secure, by reassuring your children that this is not going to change and demonstrating to them that this is still the case this can help to minimize the often traumatic impact of their parents parting ways.

Make sure you children know they are not to blame
Often children can’t understand why their world has split apart and will sometimes blame themselves. Make sure you make it clear to your children that the relationship split was in no way because of them.

Always be pleasant about the other parent in front of your children
You may be very hurt and angered by your ex partner but the worse thing that you can do is let your children see or hear this. Be careful when on conversations with others on the phone and in person and make sure you only say nice things about the other in front of your children. Vent all you like when the kids are not around – but make sure you put their feelings first before your own frustrations, hurt and anger.

Try to stay happy and positive
As hard as it may be sometimes, try to keep laughing and put on a brave face. This is very important for both yourself and your children.

Your children can come through separation relatively unscathed, however they can also be scarred mentally for life. How you and your ex handle the situation can be the difference.

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