Taking the High Road

My ex wife can be a real bitch, there you go – I said it. I will give you an example, with us she has the kids most of the time, I have them one evening during the week and every second weekend. We also share school holidays. With her being a stay at home mum and myself working full time this seemed to be the best way to sort things out – with the least impact on our 2 young children. ( 4 and 8 yrs old ).

This weekend is Queens birthday weekend, and I didn’t realize that until about four days before the weekend. I knew that last time I tried to have the kids an extra day on a long weekend, by the time I came around to asking the ex, she said that plans had already been made so too late. This time I figured she would say the same thing and sure enough that’s exactly what she said.

Trying to stop the same thing happening again I said OK, that’s fine but going forwards I would appreciate it if she assumed that I would want them on a long weekend, as otherwise she is always just going to say she has plans. She texted back a really smart ass reply saying ask sooner, she never assumes anything. Whatever right – what a cow, I then figured maybe I need to get a custody agreement written up to try to stop the stupid bitch from trying to control my life.

Roll forward a few days and my daughter needs to go to the doctor and also required some school uniform items. Normally I pay for all these items as I think that’s fair enough. Of course I want to support my kids beyond the child support that I also pay. When the ex texted me asking for money to pay these things the natural response that sprung to mind was a comment around why if she never assumes anything would she assume that I would pay for all this stuff??? Seriously that’s a natural reaction when someone pisses you off, you want to get them back right.

This is when I decided to take the high road, why lower myself to her level, just because she is such a cow, does not mean that I need to be an unreasonable person. I went to the bank, withdrew the money and paid her right away while picking up the kids for my “Short weekend”. It’s not always easy but you actually end up feeling like a better person by “Taking the High Road”.

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  1. 5 years ago I had to deal with the exact same issues with my ex. One time she went that little bit further by not turning up to the pickup point with my lad. I had enough and filed an affidavit at the family court to instigate a parenting order. I can tell you it was hell for the next 3months (especially when an ex has no scruples and is quite happy to lie on an affidavit) and cost close to $10,000. But the piece of mind that the piece of paper provides, is well worth the initial cost and stress. I’m not too sure if you can go straight to court anymore but even so getting everything written down and having consequences will go along way with stopping the use of your child as a weapon against you.

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