Administrative Review – Child Support

If you disagree with either the child support paid to you, or being received by you, then you can apply for an Administrative Review. There are a number of grounds that are listed in this booklet (ir175) and you need to explain in the application why you feel that your case fits one of these grounds.

Here is a link to the application form (ir470) for an Administrative Review.

The application does not take too long to fill in, depending on what supporting documentation you need to provide ( which is related to which ground you are applying under ).

You probably will need to disclose your financial situation, as well as your partners if you have one, this form (ir178) is found here.

The person that you are calling the Administrative Review on will have the opportunity to be part of it, or not to be part of it. You can attend the hearing or do it by phone or not at all.

Once the application is done, you pop it all in an envelope and send it off to Wellington. Then you wait.

What happens next we will be covering over the next couple of weeks as we go through this very process. Hang in there – we will keep you posted. Feel free to share your stories about Administrative Reviews with us, the good and the bad.

———- Update 12-Aug-2011 ———–

Well roll forward a week or so and we got a letter in the mail saying our application had been reviewed and accepted as a valid application!

The letter also mentions that a hearing will be held and the other party has every opportunity to respond and be part of the review. In some ways it could seem like a breach of the privacy act how all parties appear to be able to see full financial information of the others, however that’s the law so we just have to stick with it and trust that justice is done.

Stay tuned for more updates as things develop.

———- Update 18-Aug-2011 ———–

We receive a response from the other party in the matter, we cannot divulge the content of the response however fortunately our case is very strong and nothing that is said is really relevant to the review.

———– Update 23 Aug 2011 ———

We receive notification via mail that the hearing is scheduled in a couple of weeks. Watch this space.

———– Update 11 Sep 2011 ———

The hearing took place a couple of days ago, it was very infomal and it seems as though its a very straightfoward case. We now await a decision which should be through in the next couple of weeks.

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