Child Support Admin Review Process – For Unfair Situations

Are you the custodial parent of your children and the other parent is not paying a fair amount of child support?

Are the non custodial parent and paying way to much in child support?

If you think your situation is unfair you can file an Administrative Review for your particular situation.

There are a number of grounds you can apply for a review under. Maybe you are responsible for other children that live under your roof. Perhaps there are expenses left over from the marital split that are weighing you down.

The best idea is to order the pack from IRD and you will get the booklet that lays out the different grounds, plus the forms that you will need to fill in. If however you are in a hurry you can also get all the forms online through the IRD website.

You fill out the forms, outlining the grounds you wish the application to be reviewed under (you can select up to 3), and the years that you are looking to be reviewed across. There is also a financial position form that normally should be filled out, and you can choose to include your partners income and details as well if it is relevant to the situation.

You then send the details off and may get a call or letter asking if anything else needs to be added for inclusion in the review (your choice, if you have anything else to add this is the time to do it.). After a couple of weeks or so you will get a letter in the mail outlining whether the review has been accepted, and which grounds they are prepared to review on. From there a hearing will be scheduled.

Thing you should be aware of

  • Everything you submit will be sent to the other party in your child support arrangement should they wish to be involved. Also anything they submit will be sent to you.
  • You can have a support person at the actual hearing, however they cannot speak or add to the discussion
  • Your review will be at a different time from the review of the other party (they also get their chance to have their say should they wish.)

This process can work in a genuine unfair situation. However it does take time and you need to be patient and just work through it.

If you have an unfair child support situation that you would like to share with us please do so by making a comment on this article.

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