Ground 8 Child Support Review

A Ground 8 Administrative review is essentially as it is stated in the quote below taken from the IRD ir175 form.

The child support assessment doesn’t take into account the income, earning
capacity, property and financial resources of either parent or the child (or

Reasons for this could be one party has experienced a significant change in income, we think that this would primarily be related to the paying parent as the custodial parents income is not considered when calculating the paying parents amount.

Once your submission has been received and accepted, there is the opportunity for both parties to enter a war of words and financial statements as everything that is to be considered at the hearing needs to be brought to the table first.

When the hearing arrives it involves meeting with a case review officer, the usual practice is for them to firstly listen to the applicant of the review, and then later on in the day the other party will have the chance to have their say.

The review officer talks through all the points that either party has raised and they tend to stick to the facts and the law. They will advise you what points are or are not relevant to the ground.

The hearing is very informal, its not like a court case.

Normally the case will be reviewed and a decision will be mailed out within a couple of weeks.

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