How long does an administrative review take?

When it comes to getting your child support financial situation sorted out, as you can imagine it is not a super quick process. However it is also not as slow as what you might think. A recent one I filed took around 2 weeks to get the initial reply, and I was given about a week or so to submit additional information if required. Another 2 weeks and a letter arrived stating that the review had been accepted and a date was given for the review hearing.

You get an outline of the process, what to do if you can’t make it and you are offered the opportunity to bring along a support person if you wish. They cannot speak however at the hearing, but if you need some moral support – this could be a good option.

It is possible to attend the hearing by phone only, and this is also outlined in the letter.

Don’t be afraid to file a for a review if you are feeling that your situation is unfair. The current system is very antiquated and comes from a time when the typical family and working situation was much different to todays modern family.

We are here to help – if you need any assistance filing for a review or just want to have a friendly chat about it, make sure you get in touch by filling out our quick form here.

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