When your ex lies to your kids

lies-children-exI had a situation recently where my ex told complete lies to my children. We were having some discussions around money and she turned what I had phrased as asking her for a contribution (she expected me to pay 100% of these additional costs, so I asked her to help), into somehow deciding and telling my little kids that I didn’t pay for anything at all.

I can see what she was trying to do, paint a picture of what a victim she is to anyone that will listen, however please keep the kids out of it! Not OK.

How to deal with your kids when lies are being told to them?

So this brings me to the question, what happens when someone is doing this, how should you handle the situation with your kids?

I decided to be straight up with mine. I think it’s important to not be negative about the other party, a tricky one when they don’t abide by the same rules.. but sometimes you need to be the better person.

Try to explain the situation to them in terms a child can understand, and if you can give them proof that you are doing what the other says you aren’t.

In my instance my ex had told my kids I wasn’t paying for anything for them anymore, so I showed them the monthly payments that went out to them every month, plus explained to them the things I paid for.

I am far from perfect myself and I am sure my ex would tell a completely different story from what I have, however that is my version and resolution of this situation.

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  1. My ex tried something similar, I told them that there mother hadn’t paid for anything ever and never will as she doesn’t work and never will. There fore my child support and my taxes pay for all they get. Including all the things their mum wants me to pay for in addition to CS and shoes, holidays, food, books and anything else I get for them.

    I do stick to the never insult the ex policy in front of my kids, but sometimes you have to tell the truth.

    1. Yeah, I wrote that article when I was pretty mad as it really got to me at the time. I try to never discuss adult problems with kids, but it is a tough test when others don’t operate by the same policy!

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