Child Support 2015 – New Formula

Child Support 2015

Today I received a text from IRD, Child support is changing from April 2015.

Great! I wonder if it will be a fairer calculation or more of the same antiquated and unfair formulas?

Child Support Calculations For 2015

I headed over to the new calculator and typed in my first name, where I lived and where my kids lived.

I put in my kids details and then I had a new section I hadn’t seen before where it asked for my dependent kids names.

It gets very confusing as you have to try to figure out if you have the kids more than 28% of the time, if you do there must be some kind of reduction.

In my case I have my kids about 2 nights a week, sometimes its only 1 night but then I have them for a week or so in the holidays…

Its going to be very confusing, I can see lots of battles ahead with separated parents using the kids to try to either get more or less money, depending on how many nights a week they have them.

What do you think?

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  1. It gets very hard, especially when the child (or children) get to teenage years.

    I think in all honesty, all you can do is give it a decent shot – hope for some decency in this world and try to get on with life.

    I have seen unfairness from both sides, things seldom will ever work if the parties involved cannot put the past behind them and do what is best for the child.

    Its easy to say, but hard to do – it sounds like your husbands ex is not willing to consider the best way forward for their daughter 🙁 – so sorry to hear that.

    Good luck, and let us know how things work out.

  2. I wonder if there is any provision made for non custodial parents, whereas the custodial parent will not abide by a parenting order that states what days etc a non custodial parent is entitled to.

    Unfortunately the family court system here will put the parenting orders in place, but do little to help in situations whereas the custodial parent continues to ignore it.

    There is only so much money that you can throw at these court processes with lawyers etc, and when youve been experiencing the same behavior for ten years, when do you resign yourself to the fact that nothing is going to change, and for emotional wellbeing, move on.

    My husband hasn’t had any real contact with his daughter for two years, shes 15 now, and its been a strain on our family for 10years with a difficult ex wife, that chose to end the marriage after cheating on him, then doing the same to another man straight after….dragging quite a number of men through this little girls life.

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