Ground 6 Administrative Review – Child Support

ground 6 administrative review

In one of the recent ground 6 administrative reviews that we did, the custodial parent of the parent received the normal child support payments, however her child required braces.

The paying parent did not think that should have to pay for any part of this, however the ground 6 does include as an example room for a review where expensive dental work is required.

What Exactly Does A Ground 6 Administrative Review Cover?

It is for when it costs you extra to cover the child’s (or children’s) special needs

For example:

  • The child has high medical costs or needs special care because of a disability
  • The child has high costs related to dental work

How To Apply For An Administrative Review Ground 6

If you are in a similar situation you can either download or request the admin review pack from IRD.

Fill out the details and outline the ground and reason why it applies to you.

Make sure you include

  • Medical certificate or evidence showing the child’s condition and specific treatment and costs
  • A list of costs, showing extra expenses after deducting any benefit or allowance paid, or medical insurance refunds
  • Your financial details

Send off the form.

To hard? Get in contact with us and we will do the hard work for you and guide you through the process.

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