IRD Child Support Admin Review – 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Admin reviews are a lot of paperwork, and are a hassle to get filed.

The child support formula as it stands can be very unfair for a multitude of reasons, the truth is that it is an archaic system with more things wrong with it than we could even articulate in a single article.

However we live in a new age, where the focus is now on transparency and honesty rather than trying to hide things from the government or IRD.

We have been through a number of reviews now over the last ten years, and asked many of these questions ourselves.

1 How Many Years Can I Go Back With My Admin Review

There is room on the application form to enter 3 prior years for investigation.

2 Can My Review Apply For More Than One Ground?

In an admin review you can include up to three grounds in your application

3 Will My Review Hearing Have My Ex There?

No it will not, the reviews are carried out separately. Normally they will see the party that filed the review first, in the morning. And see the other party later in the day.

4 How long does an Admin Review Take?

IRD try to do the entire review process within a six week period. The hearing itself only takes an hour or two.

5 Can I Appeal The Review Outcome?

Yes you can apply to the family court for an appeal if you were the other party and you disagree with the decision made by the administrative review.

Remember when you are filing your review, take your time with it.

Include screenshots of texts or emails, receipts and make sure you back up every ground with facts and information.

Keep emotion out of it, it’s not about getting even, or trying to attack someone. At the end of the day it should be about two parents sharing in the expenses and upbringing of their mutual children.

If you have any questions, reach out to us with a comment – or come and see us on Facebook.

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  1. hi, family law does not allow for previous years to be reviewed. Even though you can apply for previous years, law does not allow it to happen.
    I have experienced this myself with last years admin review.

  2. Having lived overseas for some time now, I find the whole system to have no transparency at all. Like the previous comment on admin reviews, I have to jump through hoops to bear all my financial information whereas she has to do nothing. I have not seen my children for nearly seventeen years now and I don’t even know where they live. Not through want of trying trust me.
    When living overseas one must check on a regular basis the exchange rate used in the calculations.

    Approaching 60 I trust the system will support me when I need it cause as you know paying such a tax leaves not room to save for retirement due to having to declare all monies.

  3. Hey Phil, I have had mixed results with admin reviews both as a paying parent (me) and supporting my partner in reviews with her ex. I hear what you are saying in regards to the submission of financials, when I did one on my ex I had to bear everything, she came back telling me how I should be budgeting better yet didn’t have to declare hers at all!

    Anyhow, sometimes they can work, I can vouch for that, but I do understand your frustrations.

    For the latest year I just got the amount I need to pay and they never factored in the nights I have the kids (couple of nights a week), so I now have to convince IRD of that.

    They should have done a better job finding out the current situation before placing everyone in a bucket.

    1. Rob, How on earth did you ever convince IRD that you have had your children to stay? I have been battling this one for years as they just will NOT accept any calendars, third party evidence etc etc.

      1. I had to get my ex to agree. Basically I was paying full child support plus half of all the additional expenses – if there was no agreement, unfortunately I would no longer be able to pay for all the other stuff ( activities, camps, school stuff etc). So that’s the only reason, if I did not have that up my sleeve there would have been every incentive to not agree on it. So I see the problem, the system is geared towards a financial incentive to NOT share and agree to custody.

  4. Absolute nonsense the most one sided situation I have ever encountered.
    Waste of my time and a waste of the governments money.
    I get to declare my full income and expenses and the other party gets to submit nothing – how is this is transparent?
    This is just a revenue collection agency is there is no interest in the welfare Of the non custodial paying family – its all about the custodial parent – No support.

    To cap it off, after paying child support for 4 years and declaring my dependents, all of a sudden THEY provide an assessment for 2015/16 advising that there is no record of any dependants – incompetent.

    So now I request another Admin review that I need to take time off work to attend?? you have to be kidding.

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