New Formula And System Is Financially Crippling For Some – Case 26


This is case study number 26

This is Geoff’s Story:

Geoff – Please tell us about what’s going on with you, and your family?

I have a daughter in Thames and she has twin brothers to a different Dad.

All 3 children are in the full time care of the mother. I am not sure of the boys situation.

Both of us father’s are paying parents, I am a dairy farmer and the other father is a branch manager so very nice other incomes on both sides.

The mother works while the boys are at school with top ups from winz.

The child support she receives plus her total monthly income would be on the vicinity of around $3000.00.

How can someone justify not calling someone receiving this much as having a second income. The mothers work wages may as well be loose change in the pocket.

I have moved on set myself up again with a new partner who I have married, I am also her daughters step father.

In this new system they are not included and yet they are my immediate family.

We get less than $30.00 a month for my step daughter. My wife is 27 weeks pregnant and has not been working due to a medical condition.

How am I supposed to support my family, pay bills, petrol to get my step child to school as we live rurally etc given my ludicrous amount.

This new formula and system is financially crippling for some.

If anything our saving grace is our baby due late May – early June to lower the payment amount.

Anyhow through the mothers own dictating ways and even though trying all ways of asking for contact over the last 4 years the mother has said no.

We have been through counselling and mediation and even a fair DNA test and contact at Bernardos she said no to.

So after all fair requests on my side over 4 years she says no.

Why should I be paying stupid amounts why am I not able to apply with evidence to either have child support set at the old monthly minimum or because the receiving parent is making life difficult why should she not be forfeiting all child support?

With a mother like this the formula is unfair and family courts are bias to the mother and what she says.


How much did you pay on the old formula?

$150 per month

On the NEW formula what will that amount be per month?

$700 per month

Are you happy with the new formula?


What are your main reasons for being not happy with it?

No allocation for paying parents families. When we also receive but at a trivial amount I am left to support my family and pay the bills.

Now my immediate family have to suffer


If child support was a set amount per child split between both parents for the basic necessities, what do you think is a fair amount per month per child?

150.00 depending on situation

What else would you like to say?

Those who wrote the new system need to be lined up with the Bali 9 drug smugglers.

This new system will cause

1. Suicides
2. Bankruptcies
3. Financial hardship
4. Families breaking up
5. Divorces
6. Married couples having children to keep amounts down

Geoff – thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

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  1. $3000 a month is a huge amount of money. The fathers are supporting the children not the mother. If he is denied access why should he pay top dollar. She got it sweet.
    And yes living costs are expensive for BOTH parties.
    There’s the reality check.

  2. I don’t think the person who wrote this thinks the mother should be punished, looks to me like he is saying he finds the system unfair when he is contributing to his step child’s up bringing more than the biological father is. Also if I read that correctly a DNA test on the child he is paying for has been denied and he doesn’t get to see that child at all. If the mother refuses a DNA test there is no proof he is the father so he shouldn’t have to pay unless he knows that child is his.

  3. Sounds to me that you think the mother should be punished for getting out there and earning an income, don’t you think it’s great she is working to provide for her children instead on being on a benefit( in which you would still be required to pay child support). Also $3000 a month is in no means a large income per mth once you factor in basic living costs. It works out to $750 pwk so once you pay market rent or a mortgage that’s $350 pwk gone, then food, petrol, power, insurance and general costs such as clothing your daughter there isn’t much left for spare change. Children are expensive and if you choose to have them then you have chosen to be responsible for them financially. In what world does $150 per month even go near to helping support a child (that you had). You may need to have a reality check and step up because that child is your responsibility. Paying money is the easy part, she is the one doing the hard yards raising your daughter, providing a roof over her head and teaching her about working to earn a living. You should be grateful that she is doing this incredible job for your child.

  4. Geoff don’t count on that new baby helping much. We have one due may and calculated our revised amount. It dropped $40 a month. So according to ird, our baby can be raised fir $40 a month were as my son from previous relationship costs $600 A MONTH TO SUPPORT.

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