NZ IRD Child Support Formula 2015 – What The IRD Got Wrong

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Parents that pay or receive child support have now been delivered their assessments for the 2015-2016 year.

Unfortunately, for many of those opening their envelopes from the IRD, the recent changes to the child support formula have resulted in unpleasant and unwanted surprises.

It is now clear that the new changes were not well explained, and those that have been on the receiving end of substantial variations were not forewarned.

Every day we are hearing new stories from embattled parents via our Facebook page.

This article shares some of the pain and talks about the main changes that have been made to the formula.

Both Parties Incomes Now Factored Into The Equation

I have just received my 2015-2016 assessment for a paying parent. My income rose by $1965.00 this financial year. Now that the mother of my child has her income factored into the calculation I am now paying $3600.00 more a year. An increase of approximately $70.00 per week. Struggling to see how this is a fairer way. So I have gone from paying $729.00 a month to $997.00.
This is going to have a huge impact on my day to day living costs and to be honest it has now created a whole lot of stress for me.

This is astounding… now that the mother’s income is being factored into the calculation, the monthly amount has jumped up $260 per month!

But that’s not how IRD portrayed it. This is what they say on their website:

Including both parents income means that the assessment is now fairer as the costs of the children’s care is shared between both parents. IRD

The trap here we believe comes down to the care factor. If you don’t have your kids for at least 28% of the time, then it is going to hurt.

Unfortunately – and particularly in cases where the kids have moved away with one of the partners, it is simply not practical to have them a couple of nights per week, no matter how much the liable parent may want to.

Dependent Child Allowance

To cap it off, after paying child support for 4 years and declaring my dependents, all of a sudden THEY provide an assessment for 2015/16 advising that there is no record of any dependants – incompetent.

Even though IRD already knew about the dependants that had been registered, with the new formula implementation some of these “fell off” the radar.

That is not what you would expect after all the years and no doubt dollars that have been spent in preparation of this new formula.

Living Allowance

My husband pays 10 times what I received for my daughter and my daughter is not classified as a dependent as she is his step daughter. My husbands ex wife remarried a man who is very wealthy and they are good at making it look likes she earns very little. They have just put an offer on a $2 million house. The child support changes now see us $2800 worse of a year than we were last year. It is financially crippling and ends my making my husband wonder y he bothers to work at all. It is depressing and demoralising.

Each parent is provided a living allowance, however unlike previous years, whether or not you have a new partner is now irrelevant.

From 1 April 2015, the living allowance will not include an amount for new partners. IRD

The living allowance is $17,687.00 across the board, doesn’t matter if you are supporting a new partner and their kids, if you live on Stewart Island, or downtown Auckland.

Everyone gets the same living allowance unless you are receiving supported living payments, in which case you get $20,449.00.

It is strange how this amount is not income related, yet the amount you have to pay towards your kids is income related. So if you earn more money your kids apparently cost more to support, yet you yourself get no more.

Nights per week Formula

Just when things couldn’t get any more confusing, now separated parents have to agree on exactly how many nights each has the kids. This can make a reasonable difference to the amount assessed.

Child support

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Previously, if you were the liable parent, you needed to have the kids for at least 40% of the time in order for it to make any difference to the amount you were paying. This has now dropped to 28%.

From 1 April 2015, the child support formula recognises a parent’s ongoing daily care of their child (or children) when care is 28% or more of the time. IRD

When we asked IRD what would happen if the two parties disagreed on the amount of nights each was to have the kids, they advised us it would come down to marking it on a calendar and providing evidence to prove the case.

Hi I have share care with my x and my child support has gone up 115% I have my boy about 45% now I have less to spend on my kid all my money goes to the government because my ex is on the benefit it seems to me the government comes first and kids a distance 2nd I have 3 and a half days and still pay for him in that time I have him I don’t understand why it’s gone up so much it’s my kid not the government kid I want my money to go to my boy

Child Age Expenditure

As part of the new formula kids cost different amounts depending on their age.

This is income dependant however, so the more you earn, the more you pay. If your child is 13 or over, you pay more than if they are under 13.

You can check out all the details on this here – Child Expenditure Tables

Where To From Here With The New Child Support Formula?

The new child support formula is a mess. It was intended to make things fairer but in many cases it has actually made things worse.

  • Although the counting the nights idea is good in theory (if the kids live close by), in reality the majority of the power is in the hands of the custodial parents
  • They can make life very difficult for the non custodial parent and, based on our own and other’s experiences, that is exactly what they do
  • The new living allowance calculation is ridiculous. How can it not be income related, yet the amount the children (according to IRD) require in terms of child support is income related

The hardest hit, from what we have seen so far, are those that don’t get to spend much time with their kids, often through no fault of their own.

Stories like this one are everywhere:

Its an outrage. My partners has gone through the roof yet his wages havent. The living allowance is a joke… 17k. From a small payrise and wee bonus my partner got recently his payments will nearly double yet his wages havent. He pays for 1 girl who is nearly 15 and his ex earns more. To make it worse his ex wont allow him any contact for no other reason apart from they are not together so hes not allowed to c his girl. I know csupport is not about access but what is frustrating is that his ex doesnt mind taking the money. Is it true partners not able to be listed anymore? Its seriously flawed and has screwed so many people over i seriously hope this is looked at. On the old calculations my partners would of gone up 90 bucks but now nearly doubled.

We don’t have all the answers, and recognize that this is a tricky and emotionally fueled matter.

However in saying that, there must be a better way – and preferably a way that is simpler to understand without having to require a degree in advanced mathematics.

Right now there are thousands of parents out there, looking at their new payments and trying to understand what the hell just happened!

As a split family ourselves we can fully relate to the issues at hand. In order to highlight the impact this new formula is having on New Zealand families please share this article and spread the word.

Links And Resources

New child support calculator
Nights per year calculator

IRD’s Child Support Is Changing Video

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  1. i am in the same boat as many of you,new partner(10 years), mortgage, 2 teenage boys to raise, and the usual bills life throws at you. And then the cs goes up,doubles in fact to $885 per month.Now i do’nt know about you but we did a bit of working out of costs per week and we did not come to the new level expenditure wise per month as the new cs. In fact we had a lot of trouble reaching the old level of cs per child.Now either there are a hell of a lot of spoiled kids out there ,or someone has no idea what so ever what it costs to raise kids. Our boys did’nt want for anything,we had all our bills under control, we dont have credit cards, hp’s,or anything like that. But i fear all that will change under the new cs laws. Ido’nt deny i have to pay something for cs but IRD has got to take into account the fact that some of us are not on a great wage, $52000 for last year, and to do that i almost worked myself into a breakdown. My employer changed my start time and so i lost 20 hours per fortnight ,works out to $320 per pay day.That was hard but it means i have a life now but with this new cs this is no longer sustainable and will probably have to go back to the old hours which by the way were 140 + per fortnight.I am just hoping the admin review will be in my favour.

  2. There is no consistency in payments. I read of a couple paying x amount for three kids as I am on a similar income and yet I’m paying 3 times more (264 dollars per week) I’m on 50 k a year and have a partner.
    What I pay is not divided to my ex that moved a long way away so the money goes into ird s black hole

  3. It is wrong what IRD have done. I thought both incomes were to be taken into account. My ex owns his own business, pays himself minimal, has inheritance money stacked away in a trust and none of this is taken into account. I have my child every second weekend Friday – Sunday plus school holidays and extra weekends. I never agreed to him having custody but the court chose to believe his lies and I have had to pay child support for the past 15 years. It has been crippling and now I am finally back on my feet I will lose my job. There will certainly be no incentive to get another one. I’m damned if I’m going to pay for any more of my ex’s overseas trips because thats what my money has been spent on. The living allowance is ridiculous I really empathise with those of you who are struggling. The system is very unfair and I think Peter Dunne who was supposed to be making the system fairer should be held to account.

  4. wow, lots of interestkng comments. my ex will save himself $360 a month if I allow him tk have him for two nights a week. thats a weeks rent for us! ive worked my butt off to get off the sole parent benefit only to face the possibility of going back on. this is crazy. how can u have a blanket living cost?! I have no idea what to do and the ex is now determind to reach 28 percent so he can save himself some money as hes borrowed too much to renovate his home!

  5. i can’t believe this! My husband child support has increased to just under 1k. Due to the inconsiderate mother that moved to the South Island, he can no longer see her. Just seems so unfair that up until then he saw her most weekends and school holidays. Wake up system! Doesn’t look like we can afford the next plane flights to see her. Cause the mother won’t pay for them. Apparently this amount is still not enough.
    We have other children to support!

  6. 14 years ago I split with my partner and had share care 50%, 4 years on they moved to the North Island, I rang IRD to let them know my situation had changed, the person I was talking to at IRD said they will change my payments, I never gave it another thought thinking they know what they were doing being a government department, so I keep paying what they told me never missed payments. 10 years later I get a letter in the mail saying they realise I don’t have shared care anymore and hadn’t for 10 years so they were backdating payments and the due amount was, $27,500 and I had 2 week to pay!!!!! Within the 10 years I got married and had 2 kids with the wife and we had just brought our 1st home so things were really tight. I made an appointment with them to try explain my situation and their mistake but that fell on deaf ears and they wouldn’t take my two dependants into account as we tried to sort out a repayment scheme, this put untold pressure on our marriage, so I stretched my budget to accomodate this but left no money for my family so we are really struggling and now they put my payments up again!!!! I have NO!!!! Confidence in the IRD and the government should be embarrassed by them. I will be keep an eye on the divorce rate over the next few years as this new scheme will take a hit on the average family.
    Very unhappy NZer

  7. My partner and I have 6 children between us. 3 each with my 3 living with us full time and my partner’s living with their Mum and visiting us every second weekend and one week every school holidays. I earn enough to support my 3 children and I would never want to see my partner’s children go without and we have always made sure all 6 of our children receive the same from us. What is going to hurt us now is that I will end up supporting myself, my 3 children, my partner and his 3 children when they visit us. His child support has doubled from $250 per week to $495 per week. My partner is on a base salary earning commission which is only paid out when the job is completed. Jobs can take between 4 months to 1 year to be completed. I know this means that every 4 months or so we get a larger salary payment which is taxed heavily (and we generally save these commission payments for big events, like birthdays, Christmas etc) but it also means that for the 4 months prior my partner is claiming commission he will be bringing in very little once this amount is deducted from his base salary. Because IRD see us as a family I am unable to claim Working for Families, from my estimation of my salary alone that would be an extra $140 per week. I do not understand why in one instance they say we are a family but for Child Support Payments they claim we are not and so myself and my 3 children are not taken into my partners Child Support Equation. Also Child Support Payments are based on Gross Pay but after tax and child support deductions the paying parent is left with a small net pay. In my opinion Child Support should not be based on what a parent earns regardless if it’s $10k or $100k. Child Support should be based on similar equations to Working for Families and/or based on how much it costs to raise children at an average rate and split equally between both parents. Generally if the parent raising their child/ren is single and working they are entitled to more help (accessing child care costs, accommodation supplements, WFF), however because IRD see my family including my partner as a family I am unable to access any of these because both wages are taken into account. It’s like IRD are saying one thing, then contradicting themselves on another. I don’t understand their reasoning behind their equations or lack of consideration for today’s families or saying that on one hand I’m part of my partner’s life so you don’t qualify for any assistance but on the other hand you aren’t part of your partner’s life so you don’t count in his life or the life we have.

  8. I have 5 kids same father and their father earns waaay more than me. My cs has gone down to 74 a month for FIVE kids. Whats the point? Its a slap in the face

  9. Fair comments all round that I’ve read. But lets look at the core of the problem or the wheel.
    The living allowance is really stupid figure. Where did he base his facts on? I asked IRD and they told me it was statics -lol who believes that statics contain the information that what is required to live.
    We must understand a small increase due to inflation, but not by 50 to 200% if more.
    The question is, has inflation really risen that much in how long? Have our wages gone up by this amount? NO
    Also the table working out the 22c to the dollar ratio. The table ranges from 25,000 – 55.000. A to boarded score as if you’re at the lower end of the scale. The should be a gradual from 25.000 to 40,000 and another table 40.000 to 55,000 with a lesser rate for both.
    The person who invented this wheel should of trialled it first. Some-one in Wellington trying to keep his / her job but really putting this country to grief?
    What do we do??

  10. Hamish , I believe the rest is going into the big pool of 0’s and 1’s (along with mine ) that they use to pay benefits , and CS agency salaries .
    I was 20 when I felt the full wrath of the IRD , absolutely disgusting way to treat another human being . Bitter and twisted would be an understatement .

  11. i pay $650 a fortnight for my kids and have them every second weekend and help put them to bed every night after work before I go home it’s going up to $950 which will leave me $400 on a good pay my rents $300 and I can’t find a chaper 3 bedroom house as i need for when all 4 of my kids stay with me what pisses me off is that she’s on a benefit and doesn’t see all of it she only gets $649 of it where’s the rest going

  12. We are a blended family, me and my husband met after we were both divorced and had children, 2 to my ex husband and 3 to his ex wife. Under the new calculations my kids nor I count into his income (and we have 1 dependant between us now) yet he has to pay $800 per month, my ex is somehow avoiding paying child support recently. There is no money coming in for my other 2 from the previous marriage.
    IRD has said they don’t qualify because I receive child support, yet if the child support does not get paid we have to suffer.
    IRD has really buggered us now, I’m not sure what there is to do about it.

  13. my partner has to pay 300 a week. for child support. the thing is my son still at home ird said get child support of his father. he died you cant get nothing at all for that. one gets 300 and other gets nothing you explain that to a child

  14. I am in the same boat as a lot of you. I was paying $220 a week and then got a letter to say it was going up to $470!! Also, they have allowed for a living allowance of $17,687 is this a joke? this barely covers the rent I pay on a fairly modest, small 3 bedroom house in Upper Hutt. This amount now means that I cannot afford all of the expenses that I have every week – bear in mind also that I do not have any hobbies, play sports, drink alcohol and am generally a colossal tight ass when it comes to spending money.

    I also live with my wife and have 2 small children and earn a modest income of around 50k while the mother of the child I pay support for owns her own business and only has herself and our son to support. I suspect she does not declare her earnings.

    After writing in and speaking to the less than helpful phone operators, they advise me that processing my appeal will take 8 weeks!

    Call me crazy, but why send out a letter advising you of an increase of payments by $70 is going to start happening in 4 weeks and then state that an appeal will take 8 weeks to process? This is so very stupid. This means that for 4 weeks, my effective income after expenses will be a negative figure.. I believe this term is called bankruptcy.. For someone who earns a good income, is trade qualified and supports 2 children this does not encourage others to do the same.. Maybe I should sit on my ass and let the government pay for everything, like they do for many of other New Zealanders..

  15. I suppose this is their way of recouping the $168 million spent on implementing this new system , what a joke this is and a reminder of why I left New Zealand .

    I have 1 year left of CS after paying my entire working life …. enough to buy an average house …CASH .thanks to a pig who got pregnant as a career choice! , Im 35 . Now is MY TIME

  16. My ex has to pay $14.90 a month for a child who is nearly 13. I do not earn an income. I have been with my patner for many years he has always supported us. We have two kids together. My ex doesn’t see my child as I have full custody etc. I no my ex has other children out there but come on what’s that piddly amount meant to do each month in helping raise a near teen? I think this new formula is a bloody joke

  17. Why do ird get paid to creat such an incorrect system, this is a contributing factor to suicids, drug abuse all because of a system that is created to make money. Whom ever the idiot that stated that ird has created this in the best intrest of the children needs to re educate them selves this is stupid. Why is s childs wellbeing snd cost of living based on a salary or wages that is crap each age group should have a caped amount bassed on the needs of the child as a whole it should then be split between each perant 50/50 non of this he gets more she gets more crap you both done the little dance and have made a child together so why is it the redponsability of one to foot the bill snd not the other, or the other at a lesser rate. Our government snd there sydtems you should be ashamed of your selves you are creating poverty, and hardship for the governments gain.

  18. Like everyone we have just received our new cs payments which means we have to pay more each month. My partner has never not paid for his kids, unlike my ex who had a good accountant so that he paid me nothing for first 8 years and then when finally IRD got him i got measly $30 pw for 2 growing boys which didn’t even cover their breakfast cereal for the week. When my ex had another child my boys got even less and it was cut to $15. How was that fair??? I met a new man which im marrying in 3 weeks, whom i will not be having any more kids with. We will be paying cs for the next 10 yrs still. But to add insult to the wound his kids thru no fault of his own have now decided that they don’t want to come to ours any more so we don’t have them at all because their mum has influence them over the last 6 years because she met a new man. We have been to family court for the past 10 months fighting this and costing us over $7000. The judge has ruled that the 9yr and 15yr old can decide for them selves if they want to see their Dad then its up to them. They apparently don’t want too and there nothing we can do unless we keep paying lawyers to fight this decision. To add to this we now have to pay nearly $1000 per month for two kids we don’t get to see any more & enjoy growing up (time which we can never be get back). He like a lot of other people are wondering why he goes to work to pay for two kids he cant see thru them being given the power to decide for them selves and the mother painting a bad picture of him to his children on a daily basic

  19. Forgot to say…. it really f*&# me off that we can clearly see that the child support hubby pays does not go on his kid… the mother she’s a drinker and a smoker and the kid never have clean tidy clothes on all her shoes are falling apart like literally the sole can be hanging on by a thread. It’s junk in her lunch box. We did have our own clothes here but they would never come back so sent them all home to the mother yet the child has never worn them again when she’s come here. I go nuts at my hubby but like he sways says to me he has no rights in what she does with h the money. We want to put that money into an account that both her and him can access so each other can see what is being bought.

  20. My hubby pays $170 per week. We have his child every second Friday Saturday and Sunday. Then the in between Saturdays because we take her to her sport. Pick her up every Wednesday and take to practice. We also have her for 9 days solid once a year over the xmas break. Yet every time the mother gets sick we get given the child. Yet she won’t give us equal shared care. We also have two off our own kids who also attend the same school as the step child so it wouldn’t be much of a disruption to her non existent routine.

  21. My husband (deceased) paid through the nose for years and fought hard to see his daughter. We saw the writing on the wall and left NZ. He improved his circumstances and paid his cs and then some. He paid for his daughter’s airfares to Perth.
    In the end, the lack of communication between him and his ex plus not seeing his daughter on a regular basis became too much. In the end, despite paying all of his child support, IRD sent him a demand for $119000. Yes you read that right. So he bankrupted himself and took his life a couple of years ago.
    I have no husband. His daughter has no dad and his brother has lost a brother.
    I am still on the emotional roller-coaster over his loss.
    And I struggle.
    Thank you NZ Child Support and thank you NZIRD.
    You have taken my love, my friend, my rock and you have crushed my heart.

  22. my husbands child support has increased from $480 to $870 a month!!! There is no way we can afford this as wages have not increased. His daughter lives with her mum and she is working casually and no longer at school – her mother charges her $90 a week board on top of this and she only works casually as well – we work hard and have to pay her the equivalent of half my wages each month so what motivation is there for her to work to support her children – yet I have to work to support her child financially! They know the system so wont help her to find a full time job. Hard working people always seem to be the ones penalised in these systems – it has caused an immense amount of stress for us and I don’t understand how IRD can allow this kind of increase in one year when there is no increase in income.

  23. Like a previous person on this feed , I am a grand mother raising her grand daughter, my sons daughter. Her mother has six children, only one in her care…..all the other children are being raised by grand parents… due to the ill health of one of the grand parents I am now caring for another of her children, as care rs we do not recieve anything through these changes….their is no parity with other parental situations, yet by caring for a child ( not related) we are saving the country thousands compared with children being supported by CYFs….so if these parents are paying , why in HELL cant we get a little extra assistance…we will not get to retire ….we will be working at raising children. Where is the justice…this is hard work and seen as a choice…it wasnt…it was a necessity. So help us.

  24. @jo the point I had is that you should be able to declare your partner which would in turn increase your living allowance but not your salary. Basically the same as what was previously done. However a test should be applied to those (receiving parent) that are now in new relationships and with financial security who don’t declare any or very little income as this is not a true reflection of their situation. There are families struggling to survive and paying high amounts of child support to those that are well off. Unfortunately this happens way too often. Basically the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer.

  25. My partner doesn’t see his kids wot so ever cos the ex is a mega bitch.. Im all for paying for cs but his payments have gne up too 600 a month its a 400 increase for us i really dont no were the money is going to come from.. Mist liky half our food bill.. And we have 3 kids to still pay for at home… Very stressed.. I cos see this situation effecting relationships wth the stress of it all.. Very sad to think how stressed families are going to be..

  26. I can see what they are trying to do with the new formula but its a bit one size fits all and really doesn’t take into account the myriad of circumstances of different family circumstances. I suppose I see the point of not having step-children on as dependants if you are collecting child support from the birth father then it appears as though their maintenance is ‘covered’ but sometimes the amounts are grossly out of whack!! We receive $35 a month for my two kids who we have full time, but then pay around $400 a month for my partner’s two kids who we have roughly 40% of the time. It doesn’t really make sense but then again we also pay about $400 a month for my two kid to be in after school care while I work, so our child support is really quite reasonable childcare for 5 out of 8 nights care if I look at it that way. I can see why some of you are saying that exes with rich partners should have their partner’s income included, but then coming from a household where we have both parents working and the ex we pay to does not have a partner, we’d pay even more if my income was included in the formula. Everyone has a different idea of how to make it fair, its just a really complex issue.

  27. So, if if both the incomes of the parents are factored into it, how do I end up using my whole paycheck to keep a roof over her head, food in my daughters tummy, and power and internet to keep her warm and entertained, while he pays $160 a month, $40 a week compared to my $400?

  28. How is it fair when my brother inlaw is paying over 1k per month for one child and my ex whom owns his own business pays $800 over a whole year. This is because he can pay himself the most minimal wages. Yes i have put in numerous admin reviews on grounds 8. I can just imagine the amount of work that goes into admin reviews. Should the effort going into getting the 2.6billions paid out. By having a capped rate per child the effort can go into retrieving yhe money and not investigating people. The government is all about the people? It makes me wonder! Such a simple thing is now going to end up being a costly headache. Ird going to be bombarded with admin reviews and kids are going to miss out.

  29. Sorry forgot to mention but if an ex refuses to work as she is financially secure as in she has a wealthy partner this MUST be taken into consideration. As their assets are now shared. My ex lives on a farm they have horses go on holidays new cars every year are financially well off but she has little to no declarable income. But this is much different to available income. Don’t get me wrong I want to pay to help raise my daughter but this needs to be fair and proportionate with all the circumstances taken into consideration.

  30. In reply to Matt
    March 6, 2015 at 9:19 pm

    I think everyone is considering the Welfare of the child except IRD. If this was to be fairer then the fill circumstance of both parents need to be taken into account. Which includes both parents new partners financial circumstances and dependency. IRD need to remember that the step parent chose to be part of the family and with that comes a financial responsibility that IRD has not considered, therefore (IRD) has failed to address what is best for the child.

  31. Is it true that new partners are not listed? So does that mean, the living allowance for the paying parent $17k have to be shared between him and his new partner as new partner isn’t working due to being a full time mum? Can someone please answer these questions for me!

    I pay child support for two kids and have been paying child support now for 12 years. Last year got up to $943.00. Now I have shared custody of one of my children the payment went down, but with the new ird formula has gone back to nearly what it was. Now I have 50% shared custody of my son and yet still pay nearly the same amount.
    I earned $77k a year for the last 6 years and it hasn’t gone up but my child support has due to annual inflation and other bullshit that ird tells me. It’s getting harder and harder to get by every week and it seems worthless to get ahead as I get penalized financially.

    Frustrated Dad

  32. So I take it when completing an admin review my partners wages no longer need to be included or every expense in my household is 100% payable by me as I no longer need to declare if I have a partner or not.?

  33. If the paying parent IS in the child’s life and both parents are amicable with one another, make a private arrangement, IRD doesn’t need to be involved.
    Unfortunately many families need IRD as a collection agency, or the paying parent will not pay.
    What I find unfair is if the custodial parent is a beneficiary, the children do not receive the maintenence. They especially need the extra, our state schools do not offer a free education.

  34. I receive $30.00pm from my child’s father who chooses to stay on sickness benefit while his girlfriend receives the solo benefit for their 2 kids. We won’t work because of what he will have to pay $30.00pw thanks ird this really helps heaps NOT….

  35. There are so many dead-beat woman cheating the system………………. not declaring income, sussing out the system so they know how to work in to their advantage with no care in the world for the actual children. Only trying to find a way to beat the system & to give as much money as possible without working. They also pass the word onto other women so that others also can get in on the act……. NZ, is not heading in the right direction to ensure that the economy can prosper & growth can be achieved. But it seems we after moving move toward a welfare dependant society. Sad for us hard worker & tax paying citizens. I know such a woman who is cheating the system – its my ex-sister-in-law. Unfortunately, she tends to spend the majority of the money she receives from WINZ on herself & all her fancy gadgets & whim’s. Whilst making sure she tells everyone how hard-done by she is & that she was abused in the relationship. Her words & her facebook page are all intent of painting a picture that takes the focus away from her – I never ever saw her be accountable for her actions – alway blaming someone else. However, what people don’t realise (well some of them do) is that it was actually her doing the emotional & psychological abuse . As a family, we are slowly turning that damage around with support & comfort. Its been a long hard road & the IRD new policy does not help. She only put in 24% financial to the care of one child. My brother portion has gone from just on $400pm to nearly $900pm for x1 child. She has alienate the children from my brother with her lies & fantasies & false promises of spending time & money on them. Her lies have even been in the form of sworn court statements , lying to judges (some of which she has been found out for…) with no consequences from the family courth either along with all the mis-truths she sutle communicates to the children. She is a very sad class act. The family courts & the IRD/WINZ have not got it right, its not fairer……………………………

  36. Hi i am in a different situation than most as i am a grandparent that looks after my two grandchildren on a permanent basis and i think the child support think sucks as mine goes to the benefit that i get for the kids and that does not cover very much and the parents are both working and i still get stuff all so i think its all a load of shit

  37. This is soul destroying for us, my husband works 2 jobs, I work full time as well, we like so many others pay what we are meant to but IRD keeps screwing us over… His ex in her Million Dollar house, having more children, denying us access to a 15yr old, lying about what she earns, will be loving it. IRD screwed up 2 years ago when we had shared custody kept charging us more & more when no wage increase had happened. They admitted the error but in the process ripped us to shreds accusing us of alsorts … Now this $650pm to $750pm because she will not allow us proper access. We would have liked to have a child of our own but due to the increasing cost and stress we can not with good conscience do this, as there is no money to bring one up. My husband Serves in the New Zealand Defence Force. He is a good Harding working man that is being denied the role of Father/Parent but is surely “paying” for it in all manner of the word. Shame on you IRD/Government shame on you!

  38. So relieved this movement to reform child support in NZ is finally taking hold. Keep spreading this message and let’s get this done!

  39. What I don’t understand is that with this new review I eceived a review backdated from 2012/2013 now I have to pay back $46 dollars a month to the EX for IRD 2012/2013 mix up. I worked out all the payments that he hasn’t paid for his children it certainly adds to way more than what I have to pay back for that year. IRD are quick to fine a parent that gets paid a little bit more because THEY worked it out wrong BUT they don’t care if the paying parent hasn’t paid for months on end, totaling a year at times, they say there’s nothing they can about it. IRD Your system is messed up. So in another 3-4 years time will I get another letter saying the paying parent now owes you $46 dollars extra a month because they didn’t pay any child support for 2x children between 2013-2014 I DOUBT IT. Luckily we can live life without the money of the paying parent and when we do receive it, it is a bonus to his kids for that month.

  40. May 20th first payment due under new system with 10% instant penalty if not paid in full. How does this new system help to reduce the crippling CS penalty debt the Govt is so concerned about?

  41. What a joke. The system has as always been fiddled with to try make it fair but really has now gone and f****d it up. I am paying 286 a month and now because my ex is not working or studying and get no real income as her new partner supports her i have to pay over double 537 a month.And i don’t even see my kid its been 13 years and that is mostly my fault as i wasn’t a good person then. But i am married now with 2 other kids how we are going to support them i don’t know.Come on ird sort your s*** out and fix this problem!!!!!!

  42. What idiotic fool came up with the new rules? What a Joke, we pay taxes to these idiots to ensure the country is run in a fair and unbiased fashion and what does the Govt do? Spend money on pathetic schemes like this. Then they expect us to “tow” the line while they are creaming it all the way to their personal bank accounts with their expense accounts and salary increases. Wheres the fairness in that?

  43. my partner just received his new child care support letter and his has gone up from $120.00 to $480 a month. we thought there must have been a mistake until I saw this and that’s great!!!!!, my husband is on miniumum wage having to work 50+ hours a week just to put food on the table and I don’t know how we’re going to survive with 2 little kids and a teenager to feed also. just to put the icing on the cake we have to pay travel costs for the child to visit us which is hard but we manage. We can barely make ends meet with the price of housing and food and child care costs. this is just ridiculous !!!

  44. The system has always been flawed and now its even worse. My wife had an affair and left me for a man who owns his own business, she earns, according to his books minimum wage, so her share of support is pittance compared to my outrageous contribution, I am not a high earner 50-60k , and we share two daughters on a week about rotation, what gets my back up is hearing my children go on about the ski holidays every year and the overseas trips and the new car this year, while i live week by week, minimum wage my arse, it seems if you have money, and a good accountant you can work the system while we hard arsed workers get slammed.

  45. I don’t understand how any of this works. My ex who is a wealthy businessman has gone from paying $433 month to $73 a month for 2 children. I came of a benefit in November due to incorporating the child support into my income. How does this government expect people to get off benefits when the custodial parent is being hammered and the father who can well afford a lot more is getting away with only having minimum ‘drawings’ which is not a reflection of his actual lifestyle. And trying to phone ird child support. FFS !!!!!!!!!!! Press 2 to end call now or 1 for a call back time…… after 30 attempts at a callback time, every response “sorry that time is unavailable.. please choose another time…” I hung up before smashing the phone…

  46. The new system is not perfect – so no surprises there. But on balance I think it is fairer than what went before at just about every level, WHEN YOU CONSIDER THE WELFARE OF THE CHILD, rather than your own bank balance.

  47. I am now paying about another $50.00 a week, now that makes it over $250.00 a week, I work my ass off to survive, if I only had $250.00 a week, they base it off gross not net, by the time I pay child support, tax, student loan, rent, power, food, water bill, car payments, gas to get to work, phone, I’m left with almost nothing for food, and now I have medical bills, work my ass off to get by but the harder I work I pay for it the next year, so the next year have to even harder work. Don’t qualify for community service card as apparently earn to much, due to my health I should be seeing a doctor more often, so make my meds last by skipping a few meds every now again to make them last, I need to see a dentist but who the hell can afford them, its called popping panadols or other pain meds. All this is now, now I have to pay more I’m not sure what to do now.

  48. My husband has recently recieved his new child support calculation as a paying parent, his payments have gone from $73 a month to $472 a month yet his income has only increased maybe $2000 a year more than last year, however what is different is that he no longer recieves an allowance for my three children that he has been raising with me for ten years. My husband has two children to different mothers , one who has never allowed him to see his child and the second mother makes things so difficult and expects us to pick up and drop off when they live an hour away & with this new formula we are defiently not going to be able to do this. The new formula is ridiculous and we have no idea how we will afford the new amount. it was meant to be a fair assessment which it is clearly not. My husband even questions why he gets up every day to work his ass of to give his paycheck nearly all away. I also would be entitled to receive child support but dont go through ird as the systems unfair. I have a personal arrangement for a fair amount even though I could get nearly double through irds new formula. I would rather my x sees his kids when he can than fianically cripple him to gain a few Xtra bucks.

  49. I am in a different situation to most of you, my so called ex pays the bear minimum, get this a meer $74 per mnth, which is a big joke, even then he squeals he paying to much.When I ask for a helpping hand for new uniform etc he says maintenance will cover it, he doesn’t help with anything, my son hardly hears frm only when he remembers, he surpose to have him 2 times per year as he lives in the north island & we in the south, I feel I RD should reassess those dead beat dads on the benefit that are too lazy to work & dont seem to care about their children & lessen those poor hard working parents who would do anything for their kids, its those parents that seem to cover for those dads that won’t even acknowledge the fact they are a parent

  50. Whilst there are some parents that try to avoid making the payments as all costs – there are plenty of paying parents (normally the father) who do pay regularly & on time. Even, if the other parent (often the mother) has twisted the situation & played mind games on the children so that they think they prefer not to be in the care of their father, for any length of time. They have basically alienate their children from the father – a choice of action that they may ultimately regret in time. Children needs their father aa well & from what I have seen, in some cases, the mother is not the best person to care for the children – but the father is.

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