The Cost Of Child Support Is Leaving Me With No Money For Groceries – Case 28


This is case study number 28

This is Jase’s Story:

Jase – What’s going on with you?

I have 3 biological children to 2 different mothers, one that works full time and one that is a beneficiary.

Thanks to the new formula my child support goes up almost $800 a month.

How much of that actual money goes to my children who’s mum is on a benefit? $40 wk! Where does the rest go??

Out of my months wages I only get 2 weeks of my earnings as the rest goes to child support.


I work 65+ hrs a week to make ends meet now but am going to seriously need to find a second job that pays cash on the weekend just to survive and put food on the table for my fiancé and her 3 children that I have helped raise for the last 5 years as they aren’t even accounted for anymore in the new “fairer” formula!!

How much did you pay on the old formula?

$1157 per month

On the NEW formula what will that amount be per month?

$1892 per month

Are you happy with the new formula?


What are your main reasons for being not happy with it?

The cost of child support is leaving me with no money for groceries after the mortgage, insurances, and power is paid!

If child support was a set amount per child split between both parents for the basic necessities, what do you think is a fair amount per month per child?


What else would you like to say?

They need to take into consideration all the things we pay for i.e. Mortgage/rent dependant children etc etc.

I don’t see how this new formula is better for anyone!!!

What we will see is hard working families being penalised and struggling with day to day living and having to take drastic measures just to survive!

Jase – thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

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  1. $800 per month for one child is heaps of money. You are supporting the child not the parent.
    The father of the children matt be paying but he may be paying less as based on his income. There is no standardized figure per child
    That is a enormous amount to pay for two children.

  2. Also, there’s a whole new generation of males coming through with hefty student loans. These kids had no idea what they were signing up to when it’s compounded with the likes of child support. 18% + 12% plus normal taxes. You are forced to have to do huge hours and cash in annual leave. Then next year they assess you on all that and you end up with 20 cents on the dollar.

    You become the modern day version of an indentured servant. Bound to earn for others with no discretionary income left for self. It’s survive only level. A whole new sub-class of people are being created within society.

  3. So if he pays $400 and she pays $400 that makes $800. If you cant support a kid on that then you seriously need to go see a budget advisor real quick. He shouldnt have to support his ex, just his child.

  4. I agree with Nicole.. Shouldn’t your fiance’s ex / children’s dad be paying child support for his own kids, even though you have helped raise them for 5 years, he should be paying just like you pay for your kids?
    and seriously you think $400 per month per child is seriously going to provide all they need. Do you want your kids to have a education and food!? and a decent life!? Bullshit mate!

  5. Hello,

    The whole childsupport is gone wrong, over the top etc. it really is time to make a stand, put information together and make a change. I think it is a fair comment about the “living cost set below poverty line” i haven’t seen if it is true, i haven’t seen any papers but say if this is the case then this could almost be classed as discrimination of a kind. I try to explain, anybody would agree that poverty is wrong and any government would like to improve on this, to make lives of people better. why would the IRD set the living allowances below this level, that is putting a knife in somebodys back and contradicting what the government would like to achieve. For example if the childsupport would be lower then this means that a parent has more room to have quality time with the kids when they are there, have some money spare to things. otherwise a person would be working for the next many years, no spare money, tired tired, pressure etc and for what. just because the IRD cant get their act together.
    Things aren’t good and we have to stand up, speak up and push people out of the way that are causing this.

  6. The living costs are set below the poverty line my mortgage payment is more then the living allowance lucky for me I’m the partner my husband has the kids but I do not understand how this system is fairer keep up the cases guys we need to show ird how they are ruining lives but unrealistic targets

  7. Shouldn’t your fiance’s ex / children’s dad be paying child support for his own kids, even though you have helped raise them for 5 years, he should be paying just like you pay for your kids?

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