It is a Huge Amount of Money – Case 108

This is case study number 108

This is Leslie’s Story:

Leslie – Tell us about what is going on with your situation?

My husband pays for his son from a previous relationship.

He has ALWAYS paid his child support, and has always tried to have access to his son.

Spent a fortune on courts, mother got legal aid he didn’t, and even when it was court granted mother still didn’t allow it to happen.

Long story short it became not in the best interest of the child to continue.

We are married, with 3 children together.

HOW can they not take into account that we have 3 children to support too?


How much did you pay on the old formula?


On the NEW formula what will that amount be per month?


Are you happy with the new formula?


What are your main reasons for being not happy with it?

It is a huge amount of money, that means that our children together are going to go without.

Why doesn’t it take into account that the mother is married with two more children with her husband?

If my husbands income becomes 100% of the childsuport formula, and our children nor myself don’t come into the allowance – why doesn’t her access to income come into it?

If child support was a set amount per child split between both parents for the basic necessities, what do you think is a fair amount per month per child?


What else would you like to say?

I think an addition $500 a month for each child (split so $250 a parent) on top of either income, or benefits/working for families is a fair amount.

Leslie – Thanks for sharing with us.

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