The 1st Year We Were Separated He Paid $77 a Month – Case 69

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This is case study number 69

This is Katrina’s Story:

Katrina – Tell us about what is going on with your situation?

I have an older child living with his father and 9 year old twins living with me.

The twins stay with their father every second weekend. He made agreements in court mediated meetings to help out with their sports and schooling costs but never kept the agreement.

He spends weekends away and lives the high life.

He has a new partner and she has 3 children which he has told me time and time again he does not support.

The 1st year we were separated he paid $77 a month.


How much did you pay on the old formula?

Pay $74.30 receive $144.20

On the NEW formula what will that amount be per month?

Pay $74.30 receive $478.40

Are you happy with the new formula?


What are your main reasons for being not happy with it?

I understand a lot of people are being left with nothing after they pay their child support but there is some of us the changes are helping.

If you can afford holidays and weekends away, label clothing and whatever else you want you should be supporting your children.

Why should I struggle on my minimum wage job to support our children with not a lot of help from their father while he lives the high life?

If child support was a set amount per child split between both parents for the basic necessities, what do you think is a fair amount per month per child?


What else would you like to say?

IRD need to work on the formula to make it work for blended families. I am more than happy with the change in my child support.

Katrina – thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

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