Where there is 50/50 care there should be NO CHILD SUPPORT – Case 109

This is case study number 109

This is Melanie’s Story:

Melanie – Tell us about what is going on with your situation?

My partner and I have a blended family.

He has a 20yr old to an old girlfriend, a 15, 12 and 7yr old to his ex and a 4yr old with me.

I have a 12 and 11yr old to my ex. My ex and I have a private arrangement which is working well.

My partner has his 7yr old 50/50 and the 15 and 12yr olds every 2nd weekend.

His child support has jumped from $340 per month to $750 per month.

We worked out that even if we had all three children 50/50 we would end up paying MORE than we the $340 per month.

We have requested that we have the children more frequently (we all live in the same town) and have been told by his ex that we have to suck it up.

We used to have all three children 50/50 and while we understand that may not suit the older two now, we also would like to spend more time with them, not just for money’s sake, but so they can have a good relationship with their half sister and step brother and step sister.


How much did you pay on the old formula?


On the NEW formula what will that amount be per month?


Are you happy with the new formula?


What are your main reasons for being not happy with it?

My partner works his bottom off doing overtime to pay for the child support he USED to have to pay and now has to do more to pay for the increase.

The mortgage is being affected (he and his ex own the house and the ex pays nothing towards the mortgage or maintenance).

Thing worst part is that next year, he will have to pay more again in child support because he did overtime this year to pay for it and will have to try to increase the overtime again and again in an ever increasing cycle.

If child support was a set amount per child split between both parents for the basic necessities, what do you think is a fair amount per month per child?


What else would you like to say?

Where there is 50/50 care there should be NO CHILD SUPPORT.

Where there are 2 children and they live in separate houses (such as in my case) there shouldn’t be any child support paid.

Where 2 live in one house and 1 lives in another, child support should be calculated on 1 child and the other 2 cancel out (if you can understand that!).

I believe it is unfair that those that are on a benefit, but could be working, are subsidized by their ex through child support.

Usually the one who doesn’t have the majority care of the children has to refurnish their house because the majority caregiver has taken (or been given) clothes, beds and bedding, kitchen equipment and furniture, laundry equipment and furniture, lounge furniture etc to ensure the children are not left wanting.

The debts incurred to re-establish are large on both sides but I believe larger for the person lacking majority care.

This is taken from my ex’s perspective as well as my current partners!

Melanie – Thanks for sharing with us.

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  1. I agree entirely with Melanie on the 50/50 issue.

    My children are with me exactly 50% of the time but I still get hit with child support because their mother CHOOSES to live on a benefit.

    I can’t force her to work (she is very qualified & capable) but IRD hold me responsible for her life choice.
    Extremely Unfair!
    Child support should be worked out on the basic 40 hour week, those who work harder to get ahead (or stay afloat) are only penalised later on for their efforts.
    The system is an absolute Failure!!

  2. Your situation Sounds bleek. I did want to clarify that parents on benefits don’t get subsidised with father’s child support. Unfortatly every cent the dad pays goes to the crown, not to the children. (Is that what you meant)

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