I Go Without So My Son Has All He Needs – Case 134

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This is case study number 134

This is Dawn’s Story:

Dawn – Tell us about what is going on with your situation?

I have a 13 yr old son to my ex partner who has not had anything to do with him since he was 3, fathers choice, now he is back in NZ after leaving Australia because he is sick.

He wants to see his son but our son has chosen not too have a relationship with his father.


How much did you receive on the old formula?


On the NEW formula what will that amount be per month?


Are you happy with the new formula?


What are your main reasons for being not happy with it?

$453 a year does not even go close to what it takes to bring up my child.

I work and provide all that my son requires, he just started high school at a cost of $1000 including books, uniform, laptop etc.

I go without so my son has all he needs.

If child support was a set amount per child split between both parents for the basic necessities, what do you think is a fair amount per month per child?


What else would you like to say?

I have been told it is not even worth me going for a review as I know nothing about his financial circumstances, I am tired of fighting the fight to get what my son deserves, even though he has an amount to pay.

Most of the last 10 years I have had to fight to get what I get.

Dawn – Thanks for sharing with us.

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