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This is case study number 138

This is Ann’s Story:

Ann – Tell us about what is going on with your situation?

My husband has shared care of 3 children to his ex which we both care for 39% of the time.

Under the old system because we are 3 days short of 40% shared care wasn’t considered and we paid full child support.

Now under the new system the days are counted yet we pay more because she earns nothing according to IRD.

We understand that the children need to be cared for but all 3 children are at school and she could work but chooses to have more children.

We are being penalised for her life choices and choosing not to work. We have a child together yet he is worth less the children out of home.


How much did you pay on the old formula?


On the NEW formula what will that amount be per month?


Are you happy with the new formula?


What are your main reasons for being not happy with it?

Incomes should not be a factor.

Or if they do it should be the household income not just the parents as step parents factor into hold house income.

Again with the kids being at school it has been her choice to have more children and not to work yet as paying parents we have to pay for that choice.

Under the new system we would have to have the kids 75% of the time before we didn’t have to pay anything.

If child support was a set amount per child split between both parents for the basic necessities, what do you think is a fair amount per month per child?

At the moment $50 per week per child would cover their needs not her lifestyle.

What else would you like to say?

Everyone has different opinions to what is important to raise a child and therefore money amounts is going to differ person to person.

IRD does comes across very one sided and they don’t realise that we have had to fight every inch of the way to get the kids for the time we have them.

Ann – Thanks for sharing with us.

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