6 Reasons Why Richie McCaw Should Become the Minister of Revenue (IRD)

Word on the street is that Richie is soon to be looking for a new career.

We think he would be great at running IRD, and here are our reasons why:

1 – Richie would NEVER try to align us with Australia

He understands that copying a bad system will never help you win the game.

Richie knows a good organization has its own unique game plan, and sticks to it.

2 – He knows how to count

Counting is very important in rugby:

  • You need the right amount of players on the field
  • You can only have so many in the lineout
  • It’s important to keep an eye on the scoreboard

Richie would crunch a few basic numbers and understand that a kid costs more than $73.75 a month to survive.

He would also probably question that a 13 year old girl costs $1587 a month and try to find some sensible middle ground where ALL kids were treated fairly.

3 – He realizes that things are not always black and white

Richie, I think it is fair to say, knows when a rule doesn’t relate to common sense.

He is not afraid to push the limits and challenge the boundaries of the rules.

Not everyone likes, or agrees with what he does but he does it anyway.

4 – Richie is great at giving honest answers to hard questions

There is noone better at facing up to the country and answering the tough questions.

He would never hide behind legislation, or simply not answer important questions.

5 – He understands what 50/50 means

Rugby is all about 50/50 decisions.

  • It is, as we all know, a game of two halves
  • There are plenty of 50/50 calls by referees
  • If you don’t get the breakdown right you will probably lose the game

There is no way Richie would let a parent like Helen, who has 50/50 custody of her kids, be forced to pay money to the government because of another parent that didn’t contribute – we just know he would understand that, and many similar situations are wrong.

6 – Richie knows how important kids are

Dan Carter
Image Credit

This is the man that turned up to a primary school and apologized to the kids that it was him instead of Dan Carter.

R eliability
I ntelligence
C haracter
I nspiration
E xcellence

Richie – no matter what happens on the early hours of Sunday morning we as a nation stand strongly beside you.

We look forward to watching proudly, as you move on to the next stage of your career.

Do you think Richie would make a great Minister of Revenue?


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