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If you are struggling to handle things on your own and need more help above and beyond what is available through our closed Facebook groups for receiving and paying parents then there are other options besides expensive lawyers.

Child Support Advocates have gone out of the way to help out our community with free advice, and we would like to help them spread the word about their services.

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Information about Child Support Advocates

Child Support Advocates are the new avenue of help for child support parents. Their service was started in response to the growing need for independent assistance for parents who are experiencing difficulty with their child support.

There are too many parents and families struggling unnecessarily because they don’t get the help they need through IRD.

Child Support Advocates will help you achieve the best possible solution to fit your circumstances with the least amount of stress for you, they’ll do this by putting their experience with IRD and knowledge of New Zealand’s Child Support Acts to work for you. They can deal with IRD on your behalf and help with preparation of applications.

Karen Bevan is the founder of Child Support Advocates and she has a wealth of experience in the field. She’s a Kiwi temporarily living in Sydney, however location doesn’t affect the provision of services as most are completed online or by phone.

Karen’s expertise is in New Zealand child support and if a New Zealand case is referred to the Australian Child Support Agency (ACSA) for collection she can also represent you with the ACSA.

Karen’s experience comes from 15 years of personal inter-jurisdictional child support experience with New Zealand and Australian assessments, her own experience includes multiple successful Departure Hearings, Administrative Reviews, Objections, debt and other aspects. Karen holds a Degree in Law and her area of expertise is Family Law.

In addition, Karen’s experience within the child support arena of IRD spanned 9 years and included all aspects of child support administration. She has good knowledge of their systems and can obtain exactly what is needed from someone’s account to help resolve problems. Some of her time with IRD was spent working as a Technical & Service Adviser, and she is experienced in preparing submissions for write offs, debt reduction, ex gratia payments where appropriate, and all other aspects of assessment technicalities, administrative reviews, objections, debt and recognised care just to name a few.

If you have child support issues you can contact Child Support Advocates on +61 481 396 814 or inquire through their website and they’ll contact you.

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  1. Hi Team,
    I am so pleased SOMEONE is advocating – thanks!

    I have been playing the IRD Hopscotch game foe 13 years and year to year, it changes.
    There was a time where it was “good” but the updated system was introduced (2015) and EVERYTHING changed – now I have a Child Support bill for over $10K!!!
    I can’t express in words how this makes me feel, how angry and frustrated I am and how many attempts to sort it all out, I have made!
    Needless to say, I am at the end of my (limited) knowledge of this bizarre law and need help – desperately!
    If someone could please contact me to discuss my situation and hand me a shovel to dig myself out of this dark hole, it would be welcomed!

    Thank you!

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