Petitioning the Government About Child Support

One of our community has been working quietly in the background and as promised has finalised this petition.

Please support this. If you’re serious about change and a fairer system then this is the best way forward!

Firstly lets just outline a few rules around the signing of it:

  • Signatures must be in pen
  • It does NOT have to be NZ citizens only, and can also be kiwis living overseas
    No Age restrictions either.
  • Parliament will not accept online petitions as yet but we can refer to one.
  • Logistically it will be a small nightmare as all original documents will need to be posted to the address attached on the form.( that means no photocopies,faxes,pasted or electronically signed)

We have set up a PO BOX for this. You will only need to print the 2nd page and get your friends/family,public or whoever you can and post it back.

Parliament will be dissolved on the 22 August for the election so we can gather signatures now but realistically may not be able to present it until the next term of government whomever that may be.

Please spread the support! 🙂

Download and print out the petition from the link below:

NZ Child Support Petition

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  1. I pay 400 a fortnight child support it come out of my wages to ird but my kids see none of it what a stupid system my x wife is on a benefit because she’s sick and my daughter is only 3

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