The Child Support NZ Podcast – Episode 0 – Introduction

Hi Everyone here is the first episode of our Child Support Podcast.

Make sure you stay tuned in the weeks ahead.


Welcome to the Child Support NZ Podcast.

This is the introductory episode of the podcast where I will outline some of the major issues with the New Zealand Child Support system.

Over the next few weeks we will take these issues one at a time and do a deep dive into them.

This is what I plan to cover.

  1. How we got to where we are today. I will talk about how our system is essentially a copy of the Australian Child Support system and includes many of that systems flaws.
  2. The child support formula. How it is worked out and how it does not reflect the actual cost of a child.
  3. The living allowance and how out of touch that is with reality.
  4. Working for Families Tax credits. The confusion around what is considered a family, and what isn’t.
  5. How Child Support payments often end up going directly to the Government when one parent is on a benefit. Also how the sometimes life choices of one parent, affect the amount of Child Support paid or received by the other parent.
  6. Parental Alienation – What parental alienation is and how our Child Support system encourages some parents to use children as bargaining chips
  7. A flat rate Child Support system. Our proposal for a flat rate child support system and how that would look.

We look forward to talking to you in the weeks ahead.



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