Child Support Paying and Receiving Parents Broken Down By Gender

Recently we requested some stats under the Official Information Act around the gender breakdown in the Child Support System.

There is a perception that it is mainly men that are paying parents, and mainly woman that are receiving parents. I wanted to understand the facts and get the exact numbers.

Gender Breakdown For Liable Parents

Information provided by the Government shows us that in 2017 there are 103253 men that are liable parents and 30436 women. This means that 29.5% of Child Support paying parents are female and 70.5% are male.

Gender Breakdown For Receiving Parents

We would expect a similar, yet opposite breakdown for receiving parents and that is indeed the case.

What Does this All Mean?

The figures show us that slowly but surely that the child support issues are less about male vs female, or liable vs receiving parents, and more about government policy.

We believe that the incumbent child support system is messed up and unfair in many cases. The only way we can change the current system is by petition to the house of representatives and to do this please help by signing our petition.

Check out our petition here.

The full numbers are below:

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