Where Have We Got To In The Last Year?

It has been an interesting year for sure.

Actually, I have to say as someone that has been living this nightmare for around 10 years now, this last year has shown more progress than most. If you would like to get onboard with us please sign our petition.

I would like to thank the people that help me on this site and the corresponding Facebook pages. To be quite honest if it wasn’t for the group of you I would have given up and quit long ago.

Tracey, Neil, Karen, Rachel, Andrew thank you so much for all the time you put in to help the cause. For all the others that have helped and I have forgotten to mention thank you so so much as well.

We did get a little bit of media coverage this year.

not a stock photo – real

We were on Radion Live with Ali Mau. I think she actually saw another side of what was going on. I really tried to highlight the issues on both sides of the equation.

Although I cringe everytime I hear my own voice here it is.

Child Support – Ali Mau , Radio Live.

Also we were on Newstalk ZBb. Again an eye opener. Hopefully rather than focusing on just the people that don’t pay we managed to show some issues across the board.

No I should not be anyones spokesperson, however noone else was offering so I guess it is what it is.

Child Support NZ founder: ‘Other areas of system need fixing first’

When it comes to helping people we found a great resource this year. CS Advocates have helped out so many of our community. They are not a free resource, but certainly way more affordable than hiring a lawyer so I definitely recommend tham.

I am a firm believer that the way forward is never to sound like a bunch of bitter people. I strive to calmly present the facts and core issues with the incumbent system.

Emotions always run high in this arena. And I get that as well.

Good luck to you and please reach out to me anytime.


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  1. Hi, did you get anywhere with the petition? Still find it hard to take in that parents claiming child support are able to work minimal hours a week to claim max benefits and child support when they are more than capable and able to work full time but the don’t because in their actual words ‘I can get more money doing it this way’ – fraud at it’s finest? Then for the person paying child support, to have to pay more money every year if they get off their backside and work hard, due to a pay rise, when the money required for the other parent/child was more than enough already but they just keep milking and milking and milking hard working parents. Where is the benefit to those parents, where is the reward for not draining the benefit system, where is the incentive to carry on with a career that they worked damn hard for (much of it while supporting the other parent and children prior to divorce), the system is a sham. Teach single parents to be more accountable. carry out reviews of parents who have children at school age and older, carry out a review of why the parent claiming hasn’t improved there situation in any way for over ten years – because they know how to work the system. The whole thing is a joke, no wonder paying parents are struggling with mental health issues.

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