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  1. Hi there,

    What rights does a man have when a women is claiming a pregnancy/baby is his? First of all they barely knew each other so it may not even be his… or if it is she said she was on the pill but it appears shes either lied or gotten very unlucky?
    Who is it that has to prove paternity. She is the one who is claiming hes the father so will she have to prove it? And then saying she will put his name on a birth certificate… can she even do that if he dosent believe it could be his?

    1. Generally a man is considered a child’s father if:
      -the child was born while he was married to the child’s mother, or up until 10 months after they divorced (this presumption of fatherhood can be disputed in court)
      -he’s named on the birth certificate (this presumption of fatherhood can be disputed in court)
      -he and the mother signed a Deed of Acknowledgement of Paternity in front of a solicitor
      -the court says he is.

      Normally both parents are required to complete the birth registration together.
      However the mother can register a person as a child’s father if she has evidence eg a DNA test, Court order or statutory declarations from family members that he is the father.

      Obtaining a Court order would be done by way of application to Court with a supporting affidavit. Normal procedure is for the application to be served on the stated father so he has the opportunity to respond to the information supplied.

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