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Over the last few years we have had many issues with child support and this site has been created to share our views and stories, and listen to the pain of others.

Its not easy going through relationship breakups – particularly when kids are involved and if you have difficult ex partners it can be a tough road to travel.

Our site has gained a surge in popularity recently as the new child support formula has been implemented.

We hope you enjoy our articles, and feel free to leave a comment – or join us our Facebook page.

Some of you have expressed interest in helping us.

We don’t want you to, especially if you are experiencing hardship.

It costs us a little bit for hosting and facebook advertising, but we can cover it.

However if you really want to help, and can afford to, feel free to donate via the button below – we appreciate it and the more money we have to spend on promotion the better!

If you have a business and are able to help with any kind of sponsorship – lets talk, you can head to our contact us page and send us a message.

We are pretty flexible and keen to promote our cause however we can.


Rob and Patty


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